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It goes like this:

Yay, it’s a new year! This year I’m going to have the best body ever. This is not the first time I’ve made this resolution, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t the year I’m going to keep it. Best body ever!

I worked out six weeks in a row. Awesome! I’ll just take a little break for Valentine’s. I mean, it’s just plain rude to not eat the chocolate-covered marshmallow heart your sweetheart, mother, sister, neighbor, friend got you. Plus, I deserve a break; I dropped all my Christmas weight.

March and April—
Chocolate-covered bunny month. It’s also rude not to eat anything left by fairies, saints, jolly guys in red pants…and bunnies. I got busy with tax season and slacked a little because of that, too, but swimsuit season is a couple months away, anyway. I’ve got plenty of time.

Do you?

#&%*. I can’t believe it’s May already. Now I have 30 days (30 days!), 30 days to get the best body ever…because June means summer. And summer means swimsuits. I’m #&%*^@.

Are you?

Here’s 30 days to your best swimsuit bod ever! Here’s the thing, though; you have to actually do the work…if that means grab a buddy and find a trainer…then grab a buddy and hire a trainer. That’s my plan! It is, after all, the difference between this and that:

Joe…do you have a June Countdown workout???

Yes, yes I do, Lisa! It focuses on interval training that blasts fat and builds muscle simultaneously. The best part is you can do this in 30 minutes at most.

Alright, here we go:

3-4 rounds of :
30 seconds of high knees
15-20 Pushups (modify if you like)
20 Lunges (stationary or walking)
20 Mountain climbers

Lisa Cerasoli

Author, Editor, Mom, and gal who likes to be fit.


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