Erika Straub

General Manager

Erika moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 2013 to complete her Masters in Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute and to pursue her passions in yoga, dance, and fitness. She began working for Mobile Fitness Group Los Angeles in 2017 as a personal trainer and yoga instructor until transitioning into the General Manager role of Mobile Fitness Group and relocating to Brooklyn to open the east coast territory for the company.

Joe Bach


Joe is the President of Mobile Fitness Group and he is committed to giving you a 5-star customer experience.

Joe and his team began Mobile Fitness Group in 2013 when Joe’s clients at the Culver Studios in Los Angeles, CA began asking him to come to their homes. Joe saw that this was something clients needed- the convenience and accountability of us coming to our clients was the missing piece that made them successful.

Ashley Kern


Ashley’s passion for fitness started when, at only 12 years old, she found out she had a disease that would potentially make her obese. But Ashley has chose to overcome this disease with diet and exercise. Her weight struggle has given her a strong understanding and compassion for others and a desire to help others follow their own health and fitness journey.

Ashley received a Bachelor’s degree from Anderson University in both Exercise Science and Psychology.

Ana Synder

Ana Snyder


My training style is based on several years of experience and science, as I have a Masters degree in exercise physiology.  I specialize in body sculpting, strength training, pre/post natal, weight loss, and cardio.  I also have a lot of nutritional tips that I can use to help you clean up your diet and help you reap the most benefits from your training!  My sessions focus on your goals and needs and get straight to the point!
Fitness and sports are my biggest passions in my personal life.

Shaun Anthony


Shaun is a Los Angeles native and a lifelong athlete. Other than playing soccer, working out, and hanging with his wife and dog, he is a big Shakespeare buff and is currently working towards his MFA at Juilliard. His passion for interval training first began six years ago when he stumbled into his first crossfit gym.

Lauren Anthony

Yoga, Barre and Pilates Instructor

Lauren hails from Kalamazoo (it’s a real place!) where she spent her days as a kid splitting wood on her dad’s farm and also trying not to be attacked by their rooster. She took her first yoga class over a decade ago and received her yoga alliance certification through the esteemed Yogaworks teacher training. Lauren has taught various levels of Vinyasa and Restorative yoga privately and in group settings and has worked with both beginners and advanced students. Beyond her yoga training Lauren is a Barre instructor and has designed and implemented her own unique programming, infusing her years of ballet training, as the head Barre instructor of two gyms in the Southern California area.

Steve Faller


A lifelong martial artist as well as former professional drummer, Steve’s deep interest in the study of movement naturally led him into a career as a personal trainer. This is reflective in his training style, as he specializes in helping people become stronger and fitter, while also increasing their ability to move well and prevent injury.

As an athlete, Steve is a 3x IBJJF World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu medalist, has competitive boxing experience and is an assistant instructor at a prominent MMA academy in Manhattan.  Besides standard fitness training he is well versed in incorporating the dynamic moves of boxing and MMA to make your workouts more exciting and can also adeptly teach self-defense upon request.

Nicole James


Nicole teaches Pilates, yoga, and strength and conditioning. The versatility in her teaching methods allows her to customize a workout routine for clients that uniquely addresses their needs. A session with her client could include a yoga and pilates segment, in addition to strength training. During strength training she often uses kettlebells and resistance bands. Nicole often also incorporates cardio or interval training at the end of her sessions. Nicole received her Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa certification from Sonic Yoga in February 2015. She subsequently received her group fitness certification from Crunch Fitness in 2015. Nicole spent the last decade creating a comprehensive and holistic approach to fitness. Her private sessions are specifically tailored to her clients needs—whether they are recovering from an injury, working on flexibility or building strength, her approach helps to guide through issues with improper form, overcompensation of muscles, mobility and balance. Nicole will also always bring the fun to the session! Her teaching started with private clients and now you can also find her in yoga studios, fitness centers and corporate offices.

Veronica Bunian


Veronica is a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. She is also the proud mommy of an amazing little man who keeps her on the move. For the past 12 years she has enjoyed training with a large variety of clients in New York City and Northern New Jersey area.

Her passion for health and fitness has led her to become a personal trainer. Veronica strongly believes in the necessity for an active lifestyle, but also that fitness is here to be enjoyed. As a passionate CPT, she is here to motivate, enable and make training a fun and rewarding experience. Over the years it has given her great satisfaction to see her clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals through a tailored approach of guided activity. Her goal is to help clients achieve a balanced lifestyle that encompasses all dimensions of health and wellness.

Veronica is certified through ACSM, AAPT, and HCI Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.

Jared Apper


Jared started his fitness career as a personal trainer at Stony Brook University. Once there, he quickly got promoted to personal trainer manager of the University’s campus recreation center. He was also training 20+ clients at the time at a Retro Fitness near his house. At the same time, he was working toward his B.A. in psychology, which he later received that December.

Prior to that, he was an avid baseball player and traveled from New York, where he is from, to Louisiana where he worked with this renowned pitching coach. Over there, he learned the importance of strength and conditioning, and, through that, as well as a dramatic improvement in pitching mechanics, was able to go from throwing 69mph which is barely enough to make a high school team, to 85mph.

Jared is an ISSA certified personal trainer, has been a personal trainer for 2+ years, and specializes in power-building (build the strength of a powerlifter with the aesthetic of a bodybuilder), athletic conditioning, Olympic weightlifting, and injury recovery.

Alex Chique


Alex Chique began lifting and closely monitoring his nutrition as a senior in high school. He was tired of being overweight. He began his fitness journey through dedicated research and applied his findings to his own workouts. He was able to build a significant amount of muscle while shedding much of his unwanted weight. Alex has continued his passion with fitness by learning more about nutrition and practicing efficient ways to deploy his knowledge. Alex graduated from the National Academy of Sports Medicine Academy as a top student. Alex specializes in muscle building, body building, strength training, nutrition, and his big on proper exercise execution. Alex believes in goal orientated exercise selection and always delivers motivation and positivity to his clients.

Jessica Rhodes

Yoga Instructor

Jessica Rhodes is a Florida girl living and loving in NYC! She’s been teaching yoga for 2.5 years and practicing for 10. She has a deep love for this sacred practice and is dedicated to being the best yoga instructor she can be by holding space and giving her complete care and attention to her clients needs. It is quite simply the joy of her life to share her yoga with others and to bring light and hopefully perspective into peoples lives. When she’s not practicing yoga she is indulging in her other passion which is music. A self diagnosed music nerd, she painstakingly makes her yoga playlist and can talk about music for hours on end if you let her. She can’t wait to meet you on your mat and do some yoga!