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Nicole is an Exercise Physiologist and holds a Bachelors of Science degree with a major in Exercise Science from Syracuse University. Nicole holds a certification in both personal training and post-rehab and conditioning.Nicole has spent many hours of her career in a clinical setting. She spent 2 years working with clients at a physical therapy facility to continue their rehabilitation. She spent a year at St. Joseph’s cardiac rehabilitation facility and another year in St. Joseph’s respiratory therapy group.

Nicole has also worked with Division 1 and professional athletes, improving their strength & conditioning. Nicole has worked with a range of clients from all different backgrounds. She has worked with healthy individuals looking to get fit, toned, and stronger; athletes training for their specific sport and for speed, strength, technique; prenatal women; individuals pre and post gastric bypass surgery; individuals with hip, knee, and shoulder replacements; clients with back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle, etc… injuries; clients post cardiac surgery and with various other surgeries and ailments.

Also, Nicole has trained for nearly 10 years in Muay Thai kickboxing and boxing. These are awesome workouts that are a lot of fun to train in.

Nicole truly enjoy aiding individuals’ recovery and overall pursuit of health! Nicole has had a wealth of success with all of the clients she has worked with over the years and she is still currently training the very first client she started training at the beginning of her career. Nicole truly enjoys being on the preventative end of the health and wellness field and feels that society as a whole is coming to an understanding that exercise and nutrition play an enormous role in our overall quality of life, both physically and mentally!