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Coming from a large family in Nigeria, communal wellbeing is essential to Malachy Okeke. During his years as a collegiate at The University of Illinois, Malachy took on the Focus of Pre-Physical Therapy and began working as a physical therapy aide in various respected physical therapy offices in Chicago.

As a life-long athlete, Malachy began to feel more inclined to work out and help others to work out and interact more with his clients so he switched lanes to be certified as an ACSM Personal Trainer. Malachy has since added more certifications under his belt such as TRX Training and Functional Movement System.

While each client has his or her own respective goals, Malachy aims to help his clients conquer obstacles and feel powerful doing it. Health is one of the four pillars of life, and lifetime fitness is a goal worth pursuing.

Going beyond the weights, Malachy communicates extensively with his clients to help them become knowledgeable health leaders within their communities. Malachy aims to share his love for fitness and encourage a health-driven culture worldwide. Optimal health is the key to changing the world, and Malachy approaches each day as a fresh opportunity to change lives for the better.