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Are your hamstrings sore and tight? Are your feet tight from running or from uncomfortable shoes? Are you calves sore from a hike?

Be your own massage therapist or get some relief with a lacrosse ball.

A lacrosse ball is like a more acute foam roller. Or it’s akin to an elbow or two thumbs of your massage therapist. We use them to remove tension and restore soft tissue to normal resting length.

Exercise creates tiny tears and great amounts of tension in our muscles. Sometimes our bodies need help restoring contracted muscle to chilled-out, relaxed muscle.

It’s a $3 purchase that will greatly improve how you feel.

Here are some tips for using the ball. You can essentially put it anywhere in your body- there is no risk for injury. Roll for at least two minutes per body part and until you’ve made a positive change. The more the better.

1. Take your shoe off and stand, one foot at a time, on the ball. Roll the soles of your feet on the ball, pressing and focusing on areas that are tight or tender. Your feet will feel so relieved after.
2. Sit on a coffee table or hard chair, place the ball underneath your hamstring of one leg and dig around for tension
3. Sit on the couch and sandwich the ball between your calf and a coffee table. Roll around or pin the ball down in one place and flex your foot back and forth to rub your muscles against the stationary object

We often don’t realize how much tension is in our body until it’s gone. Enjoy!