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I have always led an active life. I became involved with horses and competitive riding at a young age- I got my first pony at age 5. I won many awards in horse shows from Oregon to the Mexican border in many forms of equitation including vaulting, which is performing gymnastic moves on a moving horse. A high point of my career was participating in the Olympic trials for the United States team.

Fast forward to 2011; I found myself a crew leader on a Cal Fire unit dedicated to fighting wildfires on state land. It’s a specialized and different form of firefighting,
Not at all like structure fires; it’s much more physical. We are the ones you see on the news trudging up the hills with equipment and hand tools, cutting down burning trees and digging firebreaks on the front lines to encircle the fire and put it out. The equipment we must carry with us weighs a lot- often in excess of 80 pounds. My typical load was a water tank, chainsaw, a first aid kit and radios.

The obvious need for physical training to avoid accidents and physical injury led the command to request that we begin strength and endurance training, and I was asked to develop and design an exercise program that would accomplish this. I studied several different forms of exercise and physical training and was certified by the state to teach the firefighters Pilates, yoga, endurance, strength and core training, in addition to studying emergency medicine. I served as a first responder paramedic in the remote rural community where my station was located.

As a certified Pilates instructor and someone with a deep background in functional fitness, I have a unique background and skill set that I will bring to you to get you looking, feeling and functioning better than you ever have. I look forward to helping you improve your life!