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Why do some people exercise consistently and others can’t stick to it? Is lazy a genetic trait? Are the avid exercisers just plain nuts? OCD? Vain as hell? These endorphins that “They” speak of…are only some people born with those? (That question is legit.)

That question is legit. Endorphins are delved out to everyone at birth, but environment can do a number on how they function over time. Trauma, stress, abuse, chronic pain—these are things that can strip our bodies of their natural endorphins. What happens is we feel depressed, tired, not as focused; we can’t keep up with the daily grind. We then push exercise to the side. It’s not that we’re lazy, or that we weren’t given as many endorphins as Sally, the marathon runner next door. Dang she’s annoying, going on marathon thirteen in as many years, plus she runs a tech company and is the mother of three…but enough about Sally. If you want to want to exercise, but find yourself doing it sporadically, or not at all, check in with yourself to see if your endorphins might need a boost. If so, adding some Vitamin B can help, along with amino acids, and magnesium to reduce stress. Also—exercise. I know, I know, it’s double-edged sword, because we want to want to exercise, but our dang endorphins are low and so we don’t even know we want to….

Here’s 5 quick tips to get you back on track and loving exercise:

1. Do what you love. Surely there is one physical activity that you love. Do that!
2. Hire a trainer. If you’re paying for it, you are ten times more likely to do it. Hire someone to help you.
3. Create tangible incentives that are easy to win. Workout out for 45 minutes 4 days a week—win a trip to the movies (or whatever tickles your fancy). Keep it simple and treat yourself to a smoothie.
4. Listen to music. Listen to an audio book. Audiobook purchases are up by nearly 100% from three years back, so you know it’s working for some folks.
5. Lure a friend to exercise with you. Did you know that you can get small group discounts with most trainers? Even if it’s not in the fine print, ask about it. This saves money and creates accountability.

Bonus Tip:

6. Dress like you’re ready to exercise. With so many amazing workout lines on the market right now, invest in a few outfits, because you’ll then need an excuse to wear them.

Over time you will get into, or get back into, the swing of healthy living. Those endorphins that went missing will be back in action, and you will grow to “heart” exercise.

Happy February,

Lisa Cerasoli
Author, mom, entrepreneur, and gal who likes to be fit.

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