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(Oh, yeah, that’s a thing now.)

Are you suffering from undiagnosed irritability? Short- and/or long-term memory loss? Do you find yourself being struck by waves of doom and gloom, like a hot flash, but not? If so, you might have ESD: Election Stress Disorder.

No worries, there’s a cure for that: just breathe.

Stop, drop, and stretch—that’s my recommendation. Yoga is one great way to get your stretch on. This centuries’ old practice has fast-become an overnight sensation in the world of exercise. Yoga is all around us. Have you noticed? In strip malls, on billboards, in common conversations, yoga is all around. The yoga-pant craze…well, if that isn’t proof…. Even if you don’t practice yoga, you might be practicing yoga. More and more trainers have incorporated exercises into personalized training routines that mirror yoga poses (because they are). Plank, for instance, is a big ol’ yoga pose. And plank rocks.

Yoga is something you can do at any age, no matter your fitness level. It’s a lot like personal training, too, in that you aren’t in competition with the guy next to you; you’re exercising for you. And similar to personal training, yoga is about strengthening our cores and increasing balance; it’s about breathing; it’s about doing what works for you. When you focus on breath and balance and become present in your breathing and balancing, you will come to watch all your stress, including your Election Stress Disorder, fade away.

You can get a quick yoga fix from just about anywhere with anyone at anytime these days in some form—at a studio near you, or online from various yoga sites, including YouTube. And if you don’t want to start in downward dog, try sitting duck duck goose style and “just breathe.” Start with five minutes before bed, or fifteen at sunrise—just breathe and watch the Election disappear. Did I say Election? And disappear? —I meant Election Stress Disorder. Watch your ESD vanish into 2017.

Just breathe….

Joe: back to you for an MFG QUICK TIP. Tell me about a move or two you do with your clients that mirrors a yoga pose? I’ve got twenty minutes to kill between conference calls. Thanks!

I love it, Lisa. Thank you!

Pigeon is probably my favorite. It’s a fantastic stretch for your hips and glutes that relieves tons of tension in your low back. If you’re feeling pain in your low back- it’s not your back! You’re not going to find relief by stretching your low back. You must mobilize your tight glutes, hips and/or hamstrings that are pulling on your low back.


Here’s how to you do pigeon:
• Lay on the ground/mat with your torso vertical. Put one leg extended behind you and the other leg bent into a hook position in front of your torso
• Put your hands on the ground/mat for support and lean into your front hip to the point where you feel the stretch in your butt/hip.
• Slowly lean more and more into it if you can by bringing your head and torso lower to the ground in front of you.

Spend 2+ minutes per leg in pigeon. This is a phenomenal way to relax and feel great anytime- not just centered around a workout.