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Courtney Alexander is a lover of all things movement, health and

Growing up, Courtney was constantly on the move- running, jumping, flipping, dribbling, anything but sitting still. His love of of movement naturally led him to participate in many forms of athletics from track and field and football to gymnastics and martial

After graduating from Michigan State University, Courtney took the corporate route, working at different companies in various roles, but eventually found his way back to fitness. As a trainer, Courtney believes in empowering his clients through teaching his clients how to exercise to meet their own goals and disseminating the knowledge he’s garnered about fitness and health in general. He likes to make sure his clients enjoy their sessions and are motivated to meet the goals they’ve set for themselves. He’s worked with clients across the spectrum of fitness levels and from all walks of life, and if you’re fun, friendly and focused, he’d love to work with you too.