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Do you want the good news or the bad news? …That’s what I thought.

The “bad news” for folks that love to exercise but not so much diet is 70% or more of the weight-loss battle is fought by eating better, as opposed to getting your tail on a treadmill. This is not to say that we hardcore exercise gurus at Mobile Fitness Group are suggesting you bail on your workout program or trainer; we’re just keeping it real over here, delivering the news, so-to-speak. You literally are what you eat. If you have a weight-loss goal that keeps evading you and you exercise regularly, the first thing you might want to do is look into what you’re eating. The easy thing about “dieting” is it goes like this: If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. The tough part for many is that exercise increases appetite, and so many people end up in this cycle of loss and gain, where they starve and then feast…and it never seems to end. And you keep making the same New Year’s resolution like the rest of the planet; yet, you never actually take off all the weight. The goal is always ten, fifteen, or twenty pounds away. And it sucks. Simple as that.

You ready for the good news?

The good news is that “cheating” or “changing up” what you consume, and consuming a variety of different foods, keeps the body guessing. And you want the body to be surprised. It works harder that way.

We are halfway through the year. My, how time flies, but it’s not too late to reach your healthy lifestyle goals—the ones you set six months back—and still enjoy things like a good, old-fashioned summer BBQ.

Our metabolisms like consistency. Our blood sugar does as well, which is why six small meals a day, or three smaller meals and snacks are recommended. Nutritionists never want the sugar in our bodies to soar too high or crash too low. This is how mood swings, fatigue, and overeating occur. But most folks probably don’t eat six meals a day. Say we eat on average three. That’s 21 meals a week. Say you cheat one day, and let’s call this day the weekend BBQ for the sake of argument. Cheating on one meal is cheating on less than 5% of your diet throughout the week. It’s hardly criminal. Plus, calorie bombing your “diet” can help the body maintain energy levels over the next week when you get back on your diet and exercise routine. This has to do with a protein in our bodies called leptin. It’s produced by our fat tissue and helps regulate weight and balance energy. More leptin is produced as a result of eating more. This will increase our energy and balance our systems during times of dieting and exercising.

So the next time you cheat on your diet, don’t give up. Know it’s okay. Know you might even be doing your body some good. And keep on.

Lisa Cerasoli
Author, editor, entrepreneur, mom, and gal who likes to be fit.


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