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I’m Amir, I’ve been involved in health and fitness for close to 20 years. I’ve been a personal trainer for the last 12 years. Health and fitness is one of my biggest passions!

Growing up playing sports most of my life has helped me tremendously to develop discipline and drive. Working as personal trainer has helped me assess all types of fitness levels from novice to weekend warrior to advanced athletes.

I can empathize with people who struggle with weight loss, because after my football and baseball days were over I put on a whopping 60 pounds! Till this day I still fight to keep the pounds off. Luckily, I didn’t just fall into vicious cycle of fad dieting, because diets DON’T work for long term success. Instead, I have made being healthy and fit a LIFESTYLE. It’s all about creating new good habits and letting go of the old habits that hold us back. So if you’re ready to not only change your body but potentially your life, let’s do it!

Training Philosophy: There’s no shortcut to getting fit, it will be challenging, and it will be WORTH IT!

What a client can expect from a typical training session: Every training session is different. Depending on a client’s goals, we could be doing a high intensity circuit style workout to a low rep heavy workload with longer rest periods, to a more agility-based workout. It just depends on your level of fitness and what you’re trying to achieve.