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12 Unique Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays

1. Stand while working. I love this so much. It’s changed my life. A lot of people are doing it already, but a lot of you aren’t. I know this fact from Skyping in my kitchen on my new bar table. Clients are all, “Are those ‘utensils’ hanging on the wall behind you?” Yes, clients, yes they are. I couldn’t find the perfect standing desk for my office, so I purchased a 42-inch-high bar table and set it up in the kitchen. Standing burns 50 calories an hour. I spend half my workday there now. That’s 200 calories. And you know what doesn’t burn any longer? My shoulders and my lower back.
2. Drink cold cucumber water. It detoxes, clears free radicals, increases metabolism, and aids in a healthy digestive tract. Plus, and best of all, it’s less boring than water!!
3. Meditate five to twenty minutes daily. If you start meditating daily you will do less bad stuff. Period. Promise. That includes overeating and anything else in excess.
4. Join a team. I joined my first intramural team when I was 42 years young. It was soccer. Then, at 44, I joined a women’s floor hockey league. My world is officially rocked. It’s a blast, and It keeps my spirits up and my pant size down.
5. Try flip-flopping breakfast and dinner. Did you know the Dalai Lama doesn’t even eat dinner? But most of us aren’t that disciplined yet; this is about baby steps. Pork chops and broccoli for breakfast, and a one egg omelette for dinner with an arugula side salad—and your tummy and waistline will thank you at bedtime.
6. Smell something sweet! If you smell something sweet long enough it can kill a craving for sweets. Wow. Just wow. “So, I could, like, light a candle after lunch and the need for a three p.m. sugar fix will fade away?” Yeah, that’s the key.
7. Go on a date! Eating in front of the opposite sex causes us to consume less food. I think this rule is more for the ladies. Joe, thoughts? Anyway, go to those holiday parties. Don’t deny yourself. JOE: Ha, well, my dating life could certainly be more active, but I definitely have a tendency to snack more if I’m just sitting around the house at the end of a workday rather than out and about. You get bored, you snack. You crave sugar or salt. Definitely recommend getting out ☺

…And word on the street is these five exercises get gold medals for burning more calories and building max muscle in the least amount of time. Incorporate these into your holiday fun, or tell your trainer to!

8. Mountain climbers
9. Jumping jacks
10. Pushups
11. Burpees
12. Sprints!

Joe, do you have a lucky #13?

Oh yeah, good ol’ air squats. Do them to a chair and actually sit down if you need help with strength or balance.