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Trish H.

The best Christmas gift I ever received was the gift of working out with Joe at Mobile Fitness. Five months in and I am stronger both physically and mentally and cannot imagine life without the personally-tailored workouts every week.
Los Angeles, CA.

Trish H.


Trish H.

Los Angeles Personal Training Convenient. Customized. Accountable

Really busy? Kids at home? Having trouble being consistent with your workouts? When our trainers come to you for an appointment and ring your doorbell, it’s hard to skip out. One hour later, you’re still at home- efficient and effective! We train clients in their homes, at the beach, in their apartment gyms or in parks near their homes. We will train you whenever and wherever is convenient to you. Many of our clients love the privacy of working out in their own home. Our professionals will customize a plan to you and your goals- weight loss, firming and toning, get stronger, improve flexibility, rehab and injury and many more. All we need is a little space in your living room, kitchen, yard, deck or basement for incredible in home personal training. We have a full array of equipment we bring to you. No more traffic, driving or other hassles to get fit. We make your life easier by coming to you, saving valuable time and expense.

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FAQs About Personal Trainers & In Home Personal Training

Will My Personal Trainer Help With Nutrition?

Of Course! A good diet is essential to achieving the best results from the workouts with your trainer.  Our team of fitness professionals will ensure your success with a custom nutrition plan designed to work in tandem with your workouts to help you meet your fitness goals.

Can a personal trainer help me with cardio goals?

Whether you are training for your first 5K or are working to increase your time on the next Ultra Marathon, our trainers can definitely help. If you are just starting out, your personal coach will help you make improvements while focusing on avoiding overtraining injuries.  And if you already have a training regimen our staff can provide insight to potential opportunities whether it be cross training, nutrition, or proper recovery.

Will I see improvements if I am already working out?

The short answer is yes, even olympic caliber athletes can improve.   The long answer is that the amount of improvement you see will depend on your current fitness level, training plan, and nutrition plan.  Someone just starting to workout again after years of life getting in the way can reasonably expect to see a more noticeable improvement than a professional athlete who is already in world class shape.

I'm just starting to workout again, will I benefit from a personal trainer?

Actually yes.  A large percentage of our customers are people looking to get back into shape and accountability helps ensure your success.  A lot of people have the best of intentions but never make any noticeable impact because they come out of the gate too strong so they have to take extended time off for recovery.   We avoid this common pitfall with deliberate workouts designed around your current fitness level so you can make workout out a habit.  Our mobile fitness training makes the transition even easier.  Whether you want to meet at home, the park, or the beach, your trainer will meet you where it best fits your schedule so you never have to choose between life’s obligations and meeting your fitness goals.

How to choose a Los Angeles Personal Trainer

The easiest way is to contact us here at Mobile Fitness Group. Our team of trainers have been hand selected because of their proven capabilities and they each have different specialties and different personalities.  This deliberate selection allows us to provide the best services available in LA, and guarantees we can find the perfect match for you.

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